The Inflatable Softbox

24 06 2011

I went out today to buy some new Eneloops at a camera shop located close to the Central Market. I have bought various camera related gear at the shop over the past 2 years and am impressed with some of the KIRF items that they stock.
While checking out the owners White “Macbook Air”, she dropped the “Inflatable Softbox” in front of me.

“Only 2 dollar”

She also sells softboxes for $10 that fit directly on an attached speedlite but after trying it out in the shop, I just wasn’t impressed. But for $2 dollars?

Why not.

So I brought it home and did some tests to see if the inflatable softbox would be the next piece in the strobist light kit.

The deflated inflatable softbox

The deflated inflatable softbox

The deflated inflatable softbox

The deflated inflatable softbox

As you can see, it is pretty small and portable. I actually put it in the side pocket of my cargo shorts for the moto ride home!

Now inflated.

The inflatable softbox inflated

The inflatable softbox inflated

When inflated, it goes to about 8 inches long, 5 inches wide and about 7 inches deep. You can see the blowhole and the nylon drawstrings that keep the the softbox onto the speedlite.

So onto the pics!

I didn’t have my usual model around as she is at work so I had to use my cat Sam who loves to sleep on my product table.

First shot is just a Viv 283 bare bulbed.

Bare bulbed flash

Bare bulbed flash

Pretty harsh light.

Second shot is the Viv 283 with the inflatable softbox.

With the inflatable softbox

With the inflatable softbox

A bit softer but not too much. At least there is some serious light fall off at the corner.

Third shot was with a cheap Chinese diffuser bought from you know where.



Definitely a bit softer with more even lighting. Also, the diffuser takes the exposure down a stop.

Last shot was with the cheap Chinese diffuser and the inflatable softbox on top of it.

Diffuser with Inflatable Softbox

Diffuser with Inflatable Softbox

The fall off at the corner isn’t that bad and the light is a bit softer but still not anything like a proper softbox.

Question is whether I would ever use it?

Probably not as the light that it produces is still a bit harsh for my needs but who knows? It doesn’t take up too much space in the camera bag and used in combination with the diffuser, can be another useful tool in the kit.




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