Hama rules

23 09 2009

I should probably expand that to Hama and its residents rule.
So far, the people of Syria have been the most amazing part of the trip. I know it sounds like a cliche as I see people write this all the time but tonight was an eye opener.
My toenails are in a serious state of disrepair and I went searching for some clippers. Found one but I only had 15 pounds and they were 25. Immediately, a young kid no older than 18 bought them and said “welcome” when I smiled and thanked him. Then he walked off.
Anyhoo, a couple of photos of the dining experiences here. Both completely different but both completely amazing.


Street life in Damascus

22 09 2009

Spent alot of time walking through the Old City of Damascus yesterday, munching away at falafel and chicken shwarmas and getting blown away at the sights and sounds.
It is currently Eid, which is the celebration after Ramadan so the streets and markets are packed with people, mainly kids.
Anyhoo, some photos.

Brick Lane

14 09 2009

Went to Brick Lane to check out their market. Alot more local as Camden seemed a bit too touristy for my tastes.

Hackney with the brethren

6 09 2009

Went to Hackney this afternoon to check out the Vietnamese community. So naturally, this means heading over to a restaurant to see how authentic the food is.
We ended up at Song Que which is a Zagat rated restaurant on Kingsland Road. Very nice. Had some mussels with black bean sauce, chili fried spare ribs and deep fried noodles with beef. Yum.
Its a good thing that we are walking like crazy or we would be gaining massive amounts of weight.

Green mussels in a black bean sauce at Song Que restaurant.

Green mussels in a black bean sauce at Song Que restaurant.

Borough Market

5 09 2009

Went to the Borough weekend market today. Possibly the best market I have ever been to. A great foodies market, I had some great fun taking photos.

Roadside chicken stalls

1 09 2009

10,000 Riel ($2.50 USD) in front of Lucky Supermarket on Sihanouk Boulevard.

Barbecue chicken outside Lucky Supermarket

Barbecue chicken outside Luckys Supermarket

Street food

27 08 2009

One of the things I have noticed in the past 6 years of living in Cambodia is that Cambodians love to snack. That being said, there is always a snack cart around the corner to fill your stomach. So without any further delay.

Taken on the three block stroll from my flat to the Phnom Penh Post offices.