I now have apps on my Blackberry Part II

18 03 2010

About a month ago, I blogged about a workaround to get free Apps on my Blackberry. Now it seems someone has gone to all the trouble to simplify the process by leaps and bounds.

There are two options to go about this.
If you are reading this on a Blackberry, go ahead and click on this link and select OTA INSTALL. The program will then ask for your permission to download the launcher. After installation, restart your phone and voila! You should have a new icon on your Downloads folder called Freeware. Click on that and you are up and running for free Apps.

Using a computer is a bit longer and you will need the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on your computer.

Once again, click on the link but select DESKTOP INSTALL this time. Download the file onto your computer and unzip it. Inside the folder, you will see a .alx and .cod file.
Now connect your phone to the computer via USB and start up the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Once connected, click on Applications. There will be a + button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Click on that and select the BlackBerryDownload.alx file. Once installed, close the Desktop Manager, disconnect your Blackberry and check your Downloads folder. You will find the Freeware application there.

Have fun with the new apps!


Getting a new sim card

6 07 2009

Monk at Mobitel.

Check out the tattoo on his left hand.

A monk at Mobitel

A monk at Mobitel