Phnom Penh from “31” floors

27 02 2010

Its actually 26 floors but the elevator seems to have lost floors 4, 13, 14, 24 and 27.

These photos were taken at the newly Canadia Tower restaurant. The first photo is a panorama of the city stiched using Auto Pano Pro. The second two are of Monivong Boulevard and Confederation de la Russie.

Phnom Penh Pano

Panoramic of Phnom Penh from Canadia Tower

Monivong Boulevard

Monivong Boulevard from Canadia Tower

Confederation de la Russie

Confederation de la Russie from Canadia Tower


Random weaponry lying around

13 09 2009

Whilst walking to a friends house to meet up for some dinner, we ran across an old World War II flack gun. A bit random but a nice opportunity to see how the Ricoh works for long exposure shots.

World War II flak gun

World War II flak gun

Traffic on the riverside

14 07 2009
Traffic on the riverside zooms by

Traffic on the riverside zooms by