Dey Krahom 2 years on

11 03 2011

I had a chance to shoot this stitched image a couple days ago whilst shooting some office shots in the Phnom Penh Center. Inbetween portraits of some office staff, I had a chance to look outside and noticed a pristine football pitch where shacks stood before.

The office staff informed me that the 7NG football team practices there.

Stitched panorama from the Phnom Penh Center

Stitched panorama from the Phnom Penh Center


Why I love AutoPano Pro

24 12 2010
Panoramic view of Hun Sen park

Panoramic view of Hun Sen park

Taken on a 5 minute break from a shoot a week ago.


AutoPano Pro

Back in the swing of things

22 09 2010

Wow. Its been awhile since I have last posted. I guess the reason why is that I recently got married and all my life was about in my free time was wedding and more wedding.

So now I have exchanged the vows, kissed the bride, and gone on my honeymoon, its back to posting photos! Our honeymoon was in Cuba which is an amazing but hard place to travel in. One thing for sure is that Cuban cuisine is 300 times better outside Cuba! I guess Cuban cuisine suffered tremendously during the Special Period.

We spent most of our time in Havana with trips to Baracoa and Cienfuegos and I think my bride and I both agree that Baracoa was the highlight of the trip. But I will save Baracoa for another post.

For now, some panoramas from the trip.

Getting in shape

11 08 2010
Peters Canyon Panorama

Peters Canyon Panorama

Its been a while since I have updated the blog. In all honesty, I have been a bit lazy being back in California. So it was a moment of clarity (or it could have been the slowly disappearing feet) that made me call up my friend Milan and head to Peters Canyon for a nature hike.
So we did the great hike and I am feeling great! Also, another moment of clarity was to bring my newly resurrected Ricoh out of its bag and take some nature shots.

So here are the photos:

Sunflowers in Peters Canyon

Sunflowers in Peters Canyon

Hiking trails in Peters Canyon

Hiking trails in Peters Canyon


7 10 2009

Since I have been back from vacation, I have been completely slack for the blog. Sorry about that.
Slowly getting back into the swing of things. Just a couple of photos from the trip that are worthy of posting but couldn’t because of my pano software being a little buggy. Now that it is fixed, I can give you a couple of panoramas from Syria.
First one is from Crak des Chevaliers or Qala’at Al-Hosn which TE Lawrence once dubbed “the finest castle in the world”(Thanks Lonely Planet). Amazing castle with lots to check out.
Second pano is of western Aleppo which is the second biggest town in Syria. Taken from the Citadel, you can see the massive souq or market below.

Phnom Penh from the 6th floor

25 07 2009

Had a meeting about some corporate photography this morning. I was able to view the site and take some pics with my Ricoh GX200. If you know Phnom Penh a bit, you can figure out where I took it.
Taken from the 6th floor with a Ricoh GX200 and stitched together with AutoPano Pro Tools stitching software.

Taken from the 6th floor

Taken from the 6th floor