A trip to Orussey

30 12 2009

Took a trip to Orussey market today to scope out some locations for an upcoming shoot for the Post. Got a couple of good shots on the Ricoh but shooting in such a dark environment really shows the limitation of the small sensor.
Anyhoo, some pics from Orussey market


Street life in Damascus

22 09 2009

Spent alot of time walking through the Old City of Damascus yesterday, munching away at falafel and chicken shwarmas and getting blown away at the sights and sounds.
It is currently Eid, which is the celebration after Ramadan so the streets and markets are packed with people, mainly kids.
Anyhoo, some photos.

The lonliest cop in Phnom Penh?

31 08 2009

Usually when you see traffic police in Phnom Penh, there are about 3 or 4 in a group. You hardly see just one working which made this photo a little unusual. Taken during a lull of mid-morning traffic on Street 130 just east of Central Market.

Police officer at Central Market

Police officer at Central Market

Street food

27 08 2009

One of the things I have noticed in the past 6 years of living in Cambodia is that Cambodians love to snack. That being said, there is always a snack cart around the corner to fill your stomach. So without any further delay.

Taken on the three block stroll from my flat to the Phnom Penh Post offices.

Psar Thmei Cyclo

22 08 2009

Taken on a long day of errands in preparation for a trip to England and the Middle East in a week and a half. Took this snap with the Ricoh just outside the best coffee shop in Phnom Penh located just west of Psar Thmei.

Cyclo at Psar Thmei

Cyclo at Psar Thmei

August 9 2009 – Gold Tower 42 cranes

15 08 2009
Gold Tower 42 cranes

Gold Tower 42 cranes

August 8 2009 – Sidewalk stereos

15 08 2009

Taken on Street 128.

The shop was blaring some serious decibels while I was shooting a menu next door. There was a good hour where I had to practically shout to converse with anyone.

Stereos on Street 128

Stereos on Street 128