26 09 2009

In Aleppo for our last couple of days in Syria. We have decided that it would be best to stay in one country for two weeks next time. You miss too many things. That and we are sick of unpacking and packing for two days at a time considering how full our bag are!
Anyhoo, some photos from the past few days.


Hama rules

23 09 2009

I should probably expand that to Hama and its residents rule.
So far, the people of Syria have been the most amazing part of the trip. I know it sounds like a cliche as I see people write this all the time but tonight was an eye opener.
My toenails are in a serious state of disrepair and I went searching for some clippers. Found one but I only had 15 pounds and they were 25. Immediately, a young kid no older than 18 bought them and said “welcome” when I smiled and thanked him. Then he walked off.
Anyhoo, a couple of photos of the dining experiences here. Both completely different but both completely amazing.