A trip to Orussey

30 12 2009

Took a trip to Orussey market today to scope out some locations for an upcoming shoot for the Post. Got a couple of good shots on the Ricoh but shooting in such a dark environment really shows the limitation of the small sensor.
Anyhoo, some pics from Orussey market


Borough Market

5 09 2009

Went to the Borough weekend market today. Possibly the best market I have ever been to. A great foodies market, I had some great fun taking photos.

Roadside chicken stalls

1 09 2009

10,000 Riel ($2.50 USD) in front of Lucky Supermarket on Sihanouk Boulevard.

Barbecue chicken outside Lucky Supermarket

Barbecue chicken outside Luckys Supermarket

RCAF Market

28 08 2009

Went this morning to the RCAF (Royal Cambodian Armed Forces) market where they sell all sorts of armed forces style paraphernalia. I ended up buying a boonie hat for general wear in the sun and Rick from the Post bought some army style pants. Quite cheap too.

Assorted hats at the RCAF market

Assorted hats at the RCAF market

Boots on display at the RCAF market

Boots on display at the RCAF market